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"Art is not Learnt.. it is felt and appreciated by sophisticated senses" ..|.. "Art is not the physical being, but rather the apprecialcle spirit" ..|.. "Love is not Blind, it sees but it doesn't mind" ..|..
"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I ought to do. And with the grace of God, I will do it."

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Si Chace, Favorite nya TWD, at L4D

sabi ko may zombies na sa amin, umiyak.  hahaha, sino na daw magpapaligo sa kanya, 

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Work Requirements Complete. Ready. Set. Go. Ipapasa ko na lamang sa HR. Hihihi. #BPI

Work Requirements Complete. Ready. Set. Go. Ipapasa ko na lamang sa HR. Hihihi. #BPI

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Requirements nalang ee. :)  #MakeaitHappen #BPI #FirstJob #Hired

Requirements nalang ee. :) #MakeaitHappen #BPI #FirstJob #Hired

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Talk To The Right People? Make The Best Happen? (The Choice)

April 5, 2014 BDO Makati Ave.

Career Expo Slash Mass Hiring. 
So I went to this job fair. Prepared, well prayed, and pressed with excitement for this is my first ever job application as graduate. I reviewed, night before the expo, So I passed the exam and the interview, and now waiting for a call, to submit all the requirements and its signing time. :)

April 7, 2014 BPI Ayala Ave.

I wasn’t Invited to this event. So I text them, if I’m allowed to come. I was. So now. The exam was so hard. I didn’t even finished the Math exam, I answered 15 out of 25 and it was Right minus Wrong so when the HR was eliminating examiners, I was holding my bag to get ready to get out, but I wasn’t called. So I carried on the Exam. I swore that I would pass the remaining exams because I got that far. I passed all the exam, Abstract and Language. Now we’re officially waiting for the prompt for Final Interview, this or next week.

I want This BPI. I need this BPI. I need to pass the Final Interview.. I want to make it easy! 

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